A rotina de Beatriz – beginner Brazilian Portuguese text – A1

If you are in the beginning of your Portuguese language study and you are not familiar with verb conjugation from other romance languages (e.g. Italian, or Spanish) you may have learned that you need to conjugate verbs, it means to change according to the number of people or tense (presente, past and future).

For example, I say acordo (from acordar – to wake up) and it’s showing 2 things:

  1. Person: eu (singular)
  2. Tense: simple present (Presente Simples do Indicativo)

If I change it to acordaram, I’m showing:

  1. Person: vocês, eles or elas (plural)
  2. Tense: simple past (Pretérito Perfeito do Indicativo)

And we do it just by changing the endings of the verbs! What’s the best way to remember all this? PRACTICING! Listening, repeating, reading, writing, speaking, checking online… Here you have an activity to practice it!


Practice verb conjugation

If you want to review or practice regular verb conjugation in simple present, you can check these 3 activities:

Verbos regulares terminados em -AR

Verbos regulares terminados em -ER

Verbos regulares terminados em -IR

The main activity of this post is to practice regular and irregular verb conjugation in context.

You will read the text and complete it with the verbs given in the picture. But you have to conjugate the verbs correctly!

This activity is for level A1, but also beginning of level A2 in Brazilian Portuguese (it can be used as a review).

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For the second part of this activity, click here.

Hope you had everything correct, but if you have questions, leave me a comment below!

Até a próxima!

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