More tips to help you master Grammatical Gender in Portuguese – Part 2

Part 1 of this post was about some words ending in ‘A’ that were masculine, in this post you’ll see other endings and learn if they are masculine and feminine.

gender masculine feminine words1. Feminine words ending in consonant

Yes, that’s right, this time you don’t even have a vowel to guess if it’s masculine or feminine. We are talking about words like viagem, origem or ferrugem. And what do they have in common?

They all end in -GEM! Let’s see some examples:

A paisagem da minha janela é linda!
Comprei a passagem errada!
Qual é a vantagem de se trabalhar online?

2. Words ending in -DADE

What do you think words like verdade, liberdade, saudade are? If you said they are feminine, you are…. right!

So for this ending -DADE, you’ll use feminine articles, adjetives, pronouns, etc.

Examples? Here you have them:

A cidade estava abandonada.
A verdade dói.
A contabilidade é complexa.

3. An ending that indicates activities, professions, politics, religion…

gender masculine feminine wordsYes! It indicates all the above including politics and religion! Taboo!! Be careful!

Nah, just joking! The ending is -ISTA and it’s used in common words like: dentista, motorista, budista, ativista, turista. And the easy but tricky part is that it never changes if you are referring to a woman or a man. See these examples:

Ela é turista. I only know it’s a tourist woman because of ela at the beginning.
O ativista brasileiro estava organizando um protesto. I know it’s a man because of o and brasileiro. If I want to say it’s a woman, I have to change the words around, see: a ativista brasileira estava organizando um protesto.

And if I have plural: eles são muito otimistas. It refers to a group of men or men and women. Elas são otimistas, for a group of women.

Here you have some exercises to help you learn it and don’t forget to check part 1 and part 3 of these articles. Part 3 is about the words ending in -ÃO!

I hope this subject is getting easier for you. But if you have questions, feel free to write me!

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